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JJ Lin's "Cyberpunk Style" model has 15 kg of clothes and wins third prize

JJ Lin’s “Cyberpunk Style” model has 15 kg of clothes and wins third prize

JJ Lin attended the TMEA entertainment music festival. (Photo / Tencent, same below)

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JJ Lin participated in the TMEA entertainment music festival last night, wearing a 15 kg Cyberpunk style.Dark knight jacket with leather studsDebut, bringing the world’s first new single “Not Tonight”, and specially reorganized “Survivor” and “Exchange for the rest of my life”, bringing a new experience to the audience. JJ Lin won three awards at the award ceremony,Including “Producer of the Year”, “Singer of the Year from Hong Kong and Taiwan”“And” Top Ten Singles of the Year “.

JJ Lin attended the TMEA entertainment music festival.
JJ Lin attended the TMEA entertainment music festival.

JJ Lin participated in the TMEA entertainment music festival as an art director and for the first time served as the opening narrator of the opening film of the overture. He led the JFJ PRODUCTIONS music team to produce the opening music for the awards ceremony and sang three songs.“Not Tonight”, “Survivor” and “Trading the rest of my life”, and then received three awards as recipients, using music to pierce the needle, just as JJ’s emotionally recorded narration said: , When I’m happy to miss the date, When the hug fades, what should I use to break the temper of time, use notes, melody and rhythm to resonate, return to position and create life? I will face the storm in the storm and I will call love with love. Look, the possibilities of 10,000 kinds of music, listen to it, the colors of all the chapters of Chinese music, music is not far away, everything is born from music. “

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The new album “Survivor Like You” was officially released at the end of last year. JJ also sang the new song “Not Tonight” on stage last night, prompting the musicians and dancers to present a strong sense of technology and fashion with a cyberpunk flair. Avant-garde futuristic performance. After JJ sat in the venue watching the musicians and dancers finish their makeup and hair, JJ was pleased to step down from his artistic director status and return to the singing role to focus on himself and the team’s performance, to present the cyberpunk style. The stylist specially created a riveted dark knight jacket for JJ, weighing 15 kilograms on JJ’s shoulders, but without hurting JJ’s beautiful new dance, and then combined with echoing apocalyptic vision of the future of the MV. Immediately after JJ sang two re-adapted songs “Survivor” and “Trading for the rest of my life”, along with JJ’s voice and emotions, the audience joined JJ in the mood they wanted to convey.

After the performance, JJ also said, “It has been brewing for a long time. The entire performance was designed and conceived around . This time the stage uses Cyberpunk elements to create the whole artistic atmosphere. I hope to continue the atmosphere of the MV to release this song. The tension of the song is very exciting. ” He also revealed that because the costumes are so heavy, they wear training throughout the dance.

JJ won three awards and was awarded “Producer of the Year”, “Hong Kong and Taiwan Singer of the Year”, and won “Top Ten Singles of the Year” for “Write the Story as Us” released in 2020. JJ He said excitedly: “This year is the 18th year of my debut. Thank you to the fans for your support all the way. I have been looking for more possibilities on the musical route and have challenged a variety of different music. Looking back on the year past due to the epidemic, we have allowed more musical performances. There are many different forms and possibilities. In the new year, we will continue to work hard with the team to create richer music, challenge more to infinity, and hope to continue to bring you more touches. In the era of fast food culture, I still hope that I can continue to share real emotions and lives through music production and singing, and bring people more positive energy. ” And he laughed that in the face of the new “Year of the Ox”, everything must be “stronger”, regardless of business. , Life and health must be better and better, and everything must be “bull”. It was revealed that “Like You Do” on the new album “Survivor Like You” will be released in 2021. I hope that music fans are looking forward to it, I also hope that more musicians can participate, collaborate and work together in the new year. . Work hard for Chinese music.

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