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King Fall Raid Gun

The King’s Fall Raid’s return did not occur without significant changes in Destiny 2. The Raid has returned from the previous game the most famous and beloved weapons of the players, without which many people could not even find a place for themselves. And today, we will tell you in detail about these intriguing weapons. It should be said right away that we will not consider talking about King’s Fall Raid Armor here. Only about weapons. Is it worth it to get them out, and what is generally special about them? All this and more you will find out there. 

It is worth noting that this raid will soon receive a more complicated master version, where for completing the challenge, you will receive an additional chest with King’s Fall harrowed weapons, which have two perks per column. You can also insert adept mods into them.

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Smite of Merain

Phase at which it drops out: third, fifth, and final encounter.

The best rolls for PVE: Pugilist/Demolitionist+Swashbuckler/Adrenaline junkie/Firefly

The best rolls for PVP: Moving Target + Eye of the storm/

The first on our list is the pulse rifle, which from our point of view and the feedback from the players, is the most suitable for combat in PVE. A very nice gun that not only has the most remarkable open sight, but you might also like the fact that you can make it fully 100 recoil. The most interesting thing is perks because there are the most potent and destructive combinations in the game that you can even craft. If you’re looking for a weapon to destroy all kinds of mobs, Smite of Merain does a great job. Of all Destiny 2 Raid weapons on the list, it would be on the bottom in our opinion.

Defiance of Yasmin

Phase at which it drops out: third, fifth, and final encounter.

The best rolls for PVE: Lead from gold/Ensemble + Firing line/Vorpal Weapon/Focused Fury

The best rolls for PVP: Snapshot sights + Opening shot

In the text about the best weapons for PVP, we discussed this great sniper rifle. She has an excellent and most open sight in the game, significant damage, and good perks that make it create absolute chaos on the battlefield. DoY is the best in the business and kills enemies quickly and precisely. This gun is perfect for killing your sworn enemy and dealing with hordes of big enemies without any problems. Right now, this rifle sits at the top of the best King’s Fall weapons, and that’s a fact.

Midha’s Reckoning

Phase at which it drops out: fourth and final encounter.

The best rolls for PVE: Unrelenting + Reservoir Burst

The best rolls for PVP: Backup Plan + Successful Warm-Up

Another weapon that is more for fighting in PVE than for killing players. Most of all, players liked it because of the great damage, which helped to cope with large opponents and bosses. It’s better to rename this fusion rifle to “One Shot”; that’s how good it is. With the Reservoir Burst perk, this gun generally turns into an unstoppable monster, which in addition, blows its enemies to pieces. One of those King’s Fall Raid weapons that really-really fell into our hearts.

Zaouli’s Bane

Phase at which it drops out: fourth, fifth, and final encounter.

The best rolls for PVE: Explosive Payload + Incandescent/Firefly

The best rolls for PVP: Explosive Payload/Opening shot + Eye of the storm

This hand cannon… That one right here… Oh, it’s almost perfect. A great combination of perks, high damage, and good recoil makes it almost our favorite hand cannon. Despite the excellent perks and severe damage with not-so-bad recoil, all other base stats of this revolver are below average, which is why you may feel uncomfortable using it for the first time. Zaouli’s Bane is also perfect for clearing mobs, thanks to the perks above. Also, this is one of the best weapons to use in King’s Fall Raid. For PVP, it is also good for some variety, but for competitive fights, there are much better hand cannons.

Doom of Chelchis

Phase at which it drops out: first, second and final encounter.

The best rolls for PVE: Firefly/Explosive Payload/Vorpal Weapon + Dragonfly/Frenzy/Focused Fury

The best rolls for PVP: Explosive payload + Eye of the storm

Void scout rifle that absolutely destroys every single enemy on your way. It is the best of its kind and offers a lot of cool perks for any occasion in life. For example, having received Payload and Frenzy, you will almost always have increased damage for this weapon by as much as 30%. All these things and more make this rifle one of those new Raid weapons in Destiny 2 that every guardian will use in PVE on high-end content. It is pretty good at killing players too, which leads to the conclusion that this scout is a great candidate to use in Gambit.

Qullim’s Terminus

Phase at which it drops out: second, fourth and final encounter.

The best rolls for PVE: Unrelenting/Stats for All + Killing Tally/Firefly/Headstone

The best rolls for PVP: Dynamic Sway Reduction + Firefly

Machine guns are having a hard time in Destiny 2. They are buffed so often that it’s impressive how much Bungie loves this type of weapon but can’t bring them into the meta without making them imbalanced. However, Qullim’s Terminus has managed to gain some love from the players and is actively used to kill large enemies and clear mobs. In addition, you can get 100 recoil direction for it, and that is absolutely wonderful. But in Destiny 2, there are much better Machine Guns to use in PVE, like Thunderlord or Fixed Odds.

Touch of Malice

The phase at which it drops out is the last one, but you have only one try at a week per character.

And how can we do without that same King’s Fall Raid exotic weapon, which is on the lips of every guardian in the game? Of course, we are talking about the iconic Touch of Malice scout rifle, which not only returned in a new updated form but also in the same excellent condition in which we left it in the original Destiny. It has powerful exotic perks that not only deal bonus damage at the last bullet in a magazine but also have a ball of darkness, which fires a projectile that shrouds your opponents in darkness and temporarily blinds them. This scout has massive potential in Crucible and Gambit, and many are starting to bring it into the PVP meta. The only catch is that this weapon is only for experienced and adventurous players because it kills its owner. Therefore you must act quickly and immediately like a squirrel on a wheel. 

In general, this is all that we could tell you about in this article. We looked at everything related to fallen king raid weapons and hope this guide was helpful to you. Each weapon has changed the meta of the game in its own way. Someone climbed to the very top, occupying a convenient niche, and only certain aesthetes will use it. In any case, do not forget that we can always provide you with a service and help you get one or another item from a recent raid in a short time.

Thanks for reading! Owl is flying away.