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Netflix is ​​building the next game studio

Netflix is ​​building the next game studio

Now Netflix has also taken over the desire to play. The streaming provider announced that the next game studio is currently being set up. What we know about it so far.

Amazon has already done it and has gone into the world of video games. Now streaming provider Netflix seems to have taken an interest in this business and is also setting up its own studio, which will focus entirely on video games.

This has now been announced on the company’s official website. The studio will be based in Finland, Helsinki and will be overseen by director Marko Lastikka. The first promises have already been made.

For example, titles shouldn’t be riddled with ads and in-app purchases are also out of the question. At the same time, Helsinki was chosen because the Next Games studio, which was established at the beginning of the year, is already based here and facilitates collaboration and communication between them.

With Night School Studio and Boss Fight Entertainment, Netflix has a total of four different studios up its sleeve, all of which will focus on different areas, and therefore probably genres as well. The goal is, of course, to satisfy the different tastes of today’s customers.

Now it only remains to wait until the first announcement of a game is made. Experience shows, however, that this will certainly take another year or two. Until then, we’ll just have to keep our feet to the ground, make ourselves some tea, and just let Netflix have it up its sleeve.

Are you excited for the first Netflix title? What genre would I be most interested in?


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