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Samsung has a new battery problem that can affect any Galaxy phone

Samsung comments on the swollen batteries of many Galaxy phones

Samsung has a new battery issue with its Galaxy smartphones. After the disaster with the Galaxy Note 7, which exploded and was recalled around the world, older smartphones are now bloated and can become an unknown danger. One of our Galaxy smartphones is also affected. Now there is a first statement about it.

Samsung smartphones are bloated

Update September 30, 2022: We had asked Samsung for an official statement regarding the battery problem. Samsung sent us the following statement:

“Samsung is aware of the issue and is currently working on a well-founded technical assessment. Customers with questions about their Samsung devices should contact their local Samsung customer service.

Lithium-ion batteries that are stored unused for long periods of time are known to swell. In regular use, however, this is highly unlikely. If the battery swells in individual cases, the degree of swelling depends on various factors, such as device design, battery capacity, state of charge, temperature or humidity.

If smartphones are stored unused, we recommend following the recommendations for handling lithium-ion batteries:

Of course, this does not mean that the problem has been fixed and it could continue to affect you. Because especially with Samsung cell phones, the batteries swell much more frequently than with other manufacturers. We will continue to follow the story.

Original article:

Samsung has promised that after the catastrophic incidents related to the Galaxy Note 7 the batteries are safe and there will be no more problems. It turns out that Samsung has an even bigger battery problem than just one model. YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss found many Samsung phones in his smartphone collection with swollen batteries. There will probably be a reaction and gas formation inside, so the The battery swells and the back pops open.. In this case, there is no explosion or fire. Therefore, batteries are fundamentally safe.

In the video, Mrwhosetheboss explains how he discovered the problem:

It becomes critical if the battery is still swollen and you don’t notice it right away. In fact, the problem tends to affect older Samsung phones that are stored with an empty battery. Our Galaxy S6 edge has also been inflated, as you can see in the title image above. But Mrwhosetheboss also noticed the first signs of a swollen battery on his Galaxy S20 FE and Galaxy Z Fold 2. And then it gets dangerous. If gases form and the battery swells, there could be a reaction and strong heat development when charging the smartphone.

Samsung’s swollen battery issue has been confirmed by many other sources. According to a survey, about 25 percent of respondents have had problems with swollen batteries. Most of it was from Samsung. Mrwhosetheboss has only found problems with Samsung phones. Samsung wanted to investigate the problem and confiscate the phones. One result remains open. But if the problem is so big that many older Samsung phones are potentially dangerous, then it could become a serious problem for Samsung. Samsung itself claims that the batteries are safe for at least 5 years.

A relatively new Samsung Galaxy S20 FE was also affected:

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE unveiled

How should a Samsung phone be stored?

Mrwhosetheboss gives some important advice on how to store your Samsung phones when you no longer use them. Then you need to charge the battery to about 50 percent. This should reduce the risk of the battery swelling. If you are still using an older Samsung cell phone, you should regularly check if the battery has not swollen a bit. Then you shouldn’t charge your phone anymore and turn to Samsung. We will seek an opinion from Samsung on this.