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macOS Big Sur, the revolution of graphics applications has begun

macOS Big Sur, the revolution of graphics applications has begun

Apple has finally released the Sketch library macOS 11 Big Sur: This means that now all developers can access the graphical elements such as buttons, icons, text boxes, labels, windows and much more that characterize the new version of Apple’s operating system; And in even simpler words, it means that a new graphic revolution has begun.

Updating libraries that allow developers to create graphics for their applications is a fairly common practice with every new version of macOS, at least the ones with major changes to the application graphics; but this year is particularly important, seen The beginning of a new age that coincides with the transition to processors with proprietary Arm architecture – me powerful apple silicon M1. The significance of this event is also highlighted by the change in the major version number of macOS, 11 years later and 10 years later.

The operating system will inevitably take more and more inspiration from iOS and iPadOS, even on an aesthetic level. An example above all: now the icons of the applications that are in the dock have all (or almost) the classic shape of the rounded square that has been a key element of the iOS design since the day of the launch of the first iPhone. Watch the diligence with which developers have thrown themselves in support of the new architectureNot surprisingly, the release of the new library was highly anticipated.

The library weighs a maximum of 35 MB, depending on the type of installation you prefer. Similar resources for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe XD are not ready yet: currently available Betas are incomplete; At a minimum, templates for the production of square icons already exist.