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Ragnarok, the studio is working on a new game for PS5

The Sony development studio behind 2018’s God of War, and the upcoming God of War: Ragnarok sequel, is working on an unannounced title. The hypothesis comes from a new job offer posted on Twitter.

The official Santa Monica Studio Twitter account is looking for a figure for an art director, explicitly for an “unannounced” game. This is enough to add to the hype from fans of the series. We imagine the studio will be quite busy working on God of War: Ragnarok over the next year, but it makes sense for the team to start laying the groundwork for their next project.

The studio behind God of War may release a new game

The list invites applicants to “join the award-winning team that created God of War” to “coordinate large teams of artists in multiple subject areas to fulfill the creative promise of a new large-scale project.” The person chosen will have to “Develop the aesthetic pillars of the project”, which gives us hope that this will be a completely new IP, rather than a new entry to an existing franchise.

The role requires expertise in “real-time 3D video game graphics” and given the studio’s experience in action role-playing games, we don’t expect the new title to be much different from recent projects. Since Santa Monica Studio is owned by Sony, you can be sure it will launch on PS5, whatever that is.

God of War: Ragnarok was announced in September 2020, with a vague release window for 2021. The short trailer posted so far suggests that the game is not ready to be shown, which means we will probably see late 2021 rather than everyone. early 2021.

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It will be difficult for the studio to match the success of the 2018 God of War game. Ragnarok will need to get bigger as a sequel, probably augmenting the scenes and action with the capabilities of a new PS5 console, capable of enhancing details, enemies, and Environments.