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Microsoft Powertoys Gets a File Locksmith

Microsoft Powertoys Gets a File Locksmith

The inclined reader is guaranteed to have read about Microsoft PowerToys here or there on the blog. A collection of useful tools that will soon be expanded to include another little helper. In the development he is currently the “File Locksmith”, a kind of file locksmith. This feature adds the ability to check which processes are keeping files open, e.g. B. prevent removal. To do this, a context menu entry is added in Windows Explorer, which is activated for all files and directories. As soon as the “File Locksmith” arrives in the test or final version of the PowerToys, we will of course inform you separately here.

The Microsoft PowerToys are a tip when it comes to getting a bunch of useful tools in the Windows operating system. Features include:

  • FancyZones: allows you to customize the areas in which the screen is divided when several programs are open
  • PowerRename: context menu extension to rename many files in one step
  • PowerToys Run – quick start of frequently used programs
  • ColorPicker: determines the color code of a pixel on the screen
  • Shortcut Guide – Shows a list of shortcut keys while you hold down the Windows key
  • File Explorer Plugins: Show previews of Markdown and SVG files in Windows Explorer
  • Image Resizer: context menu extension to enlarge and reduce images
  • Keyboard manager: define key combinations