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Test du OnePlus 8T

OnePlus 8T test –

The OnePlus 8T smartphone is a derivative model of the 8 and 8 Pro series that shares several elements of the technical sheet, therefore also powerful and efficient, but integrated into a chassis that inspires less high-end compared to its cousins . Powered by a Snapdragon 865 chip with 8 or 12 GB of RAM, a 48 megapixel main photographic sensor and a 120 Hz AMOLED screen, it is the latest model of the brand marketed to date awaiting the new OnePlus 9 series. It’s coming this year 2021. We were able to test it for a while and here are our impressions.

Main technical characteristics:

  • 6.55-inch AMOLED screen, 1080×2400 pixels 120Hz
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset, octo-core
  • 8/12 GB of RAM
  • 128/256 GB of expandable internal storage
  • 48 + 16 + 5 + 2 megapixel quad photo sensor
  • 16 megapixel front sensor
  • Fingerprint reader under the screen
  • 65 watt charging compatible with 4500 mAh battery (compatible charger included)
  • OS: Android 10 with OxygenOS overlay (at the time of testing)


Aesthetically, the OnePlus 8T is closer to the mid-range model launched in summer 2020, the OnePlus North than the OnePlus 8 or OnePlus 8 Pro, for example. his the back is glass the same color as the north with a fairly shiny surface. He is slightly curved, going back to the sides, just enough to offer a nice grip. Fingerprints are limited, but we will also protect it quickly in the transparent case that comes with it. The edges of the mobile are made of another material which causes a color difference with the back that is a bit disconcerting. The photo unit on the back is inscribed in a rectangle installed in the upper left corner, like the north and unlike the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro whose sensors are placed in the center of the device. Its dimensions are reasonable and we feel a balanced mobile in our hand.

Back of OnePlus 8T

The screen is flat unlike the most exclusive models. In principle, there is no problem unless it comes from a smartphone with a curved screen. In fact, in this case, the navigation gestures to go back, to the start menu or to play with multitasking make you systematically hook your finger around the edges. Unpleasant. We must take the hand (finger here in this case). the the edges of the screen are quite thin and leave plenty of room for viewing especially since it is only hampered by a hit in the upper left corner.

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OnePlus 8T in detail

Turning the mobile, there is classic buttons that one would expect from a OnePlus device that includes the trademark with the push button to switch between vibrate, silent or ring modes, always appreciable. There is a speaker installed in the lower profile, next to the USB-C socket and the SIM card slot. Only these cards are supported, because there is no slot to expand the internal storage capacity.

The profile of the OnePlus 8T

The sound produced by the device is quite correct. It is based on the lower speaker, but also the one that is installed just above the screen. Listening is decent, but it is necessary to recognize that a location on the right is felt when the mobile is kept in landscape mode to play, for example. Fortunately, the hand does not obstruct the sound.

OnePlus 8T viewed from the side

Beautiful 120Hz AMOLED display

The OnePlus 8T screen is actually splendid. It’s a slab AMOLED showing a 1080×2400 pixel definition and offering a 120Hz refresh rate. With him, fluency is at the meeting point. Games are a pleasure and page scrolling is guaranteed without stuttering. the readability is excellent and responsiveness is present. It measures 6.55 inches diagonally. In the parameters, it is possible to modify the frequency, but also the rendering by selecting one of the available settings between vivid, natural or advanced with even more extensive possibilities. A reading mode is also provided. By default, the screen is very well calibrated and is a real treat to behold. Hide the fingerprint reader installed underneath. This one did not fail during our testing phase by stubbornly refusing to open up to unfamiliar fingers.

The OnePlus 8T screen

Already on Android 11

The smartphone works with Android 11 with an OxygenOS 11.0.5 software overlay (at the time of our test). This offers interesting customization possibilities as well as relevant functions. Quite similar to an Android Stock-like interface, there are quite a few pre-installed apps in addition to those from Google and some from OnePlus, but that’s it. The readability of the characters is excellent and the parameters well organized. The applications are collected in the drawer provided for this purpose. On the left side of the home pages, we are entitled to Google Discover for information based on personal interests.

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Home of the OnePlus 8T

As mentioned above, gesture navigation is possible, but the experience is a bit unpleasant at first, especially if you come from a mobile with a curved screen. The task manager is classic and we appreciate the shortcuts to functions from the notification bar.

OnePlus 8T setup

Endless power

The OnePlus 8T takes advantage of the technical platform of the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro, that is, a puce Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, most powerful of last year, associate with 8 or 12 GB of RAM (it is the latter that we tested). With this, the mobile has no problems running all the applications and it is really a pleasure to chain commands by launching downloads, validating, opening applications, etc. No jerk disturbed the fluidity of the actions undertaken. It also has no difficulty for you to play all the most demanding games in maximum detail.

OnePlus 8T test result

OnePlus 8T in multitasking mode

Very high-level multimedia playback and decent photos.

The beautiful display of the OnePlus 8T is particularly suitable for videos that are delighted to enjoy a very high level of contrast and vibrant colors. Fluency is a plus, also delivering a multimedia part that makes the most of the device’s capabilities. Netflix videos are played on High Definition as well as those of other platforms. We take advantage of a stereo sound even if it’s shifted a bit to the right, as this speaker is more powerful. The mobile supports Dolby Atmos even if we are still looking for it can be really useful, because here, it is difficult to talk about spatialization at best, some effects here and there. But it is not the OnePlus 8T that is in question, all other phones that have this feature are concerned, in our opinion.

Games with OnePlus 8T

On the photo side, the configuration is almost identical to that of the OnePlus 8, but with one more sensor. In fact, the latter offers a 48 megapixel main module, a 16 megapixel wide-angle sensor and a last 2 megapixel for macro photography. The OnePlus 8T version adds a 5 megapixel sensor which deals, this time, with macros while installing a 2 megapixel sensor to optimize photos with its monochrome mode. the digital zoom is 10x in the most difficult to use. The OnePlus 8 Pro takes advantage of another 48 megapixels and a telephoto lens to go further. For the rest, the photo quality is satisfactory from the main sensor and more specifically in 12 megapixel mode (48 megapixels in Quad Pixel mode), but otherwise, we are average, without more flavor and detail. For comparison, the OnePlus 8T offers quite similar shots to what we were able to get with the OnePlus 8 with good exposure.

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Wide angle photo with the OnePlus 8T

OnePlus 8T zoom photo

Like the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro, the OnePlus 8T is compatible with the Wi-Fi 6 offering excellent network performance. he is too Bluetooth 5.1 Supports aptX, aptX HD, LDAC, AAC and SBC codecs, which is always good to ensure wireless audio quality.

Fair battery life, but super fast charging

The OnePlus 8T has a battery with a capacity of 4500 mAh. Get through a day without too much trouble, but you will have a hard time going much further. The good surprise is that it supports ultra fast charging 65 Watts. So we were able to gain around 63% after plugging it in for 20 minutes. We can count on a full charge in less than 40 minutes. Here, it’s not about wireless charging like the OnePlus 8 Pro. Too bad. Note that the power supply supplied with the mobile has a USB-C socket (as in Sony) and not USB-A, which is much more widespread. Therefore, it is necessary to use the corresponding cable, double USB-C, which is not so common.

Our conclusion

We were conquered by the power and responsiveness of this smartphone powered by its Soc and its RAM always ready to help. It offers a performance similar to that of the OnePlus 8 Pro, but its chassis is less pleasant to handle, especially because of its flat screen if not curved (especially if we have gotten used to the latter). We appreciate the screen quality for multimedia and also the speed of a full charge that can be achieved in less than 40 minutes with the right items.