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Pau Lopez, a disaster at the kicking game!

Pau Lopez, a disaster at the kicking game!

Loaned by Roma with an option to buy, Pau López arrives at Olympique de Marseille to compete with Steve Mandanda. But the Spaniard is not really known for his kicking game, which is one of the main criteria in the eyes of manager Jorge Sampaoli.

Two goalkeepers of similar level in competition, this is the future of football, if Pablo Longoria is to be believed. Therefore, the president of Olympique de Marseille registered the loan with an option to buy Pau lopez to compete with Steve Mandanda, considered too feverish at the kicking game. Only here, the Spanish is not known for the quality of his uploads. It is even the opposite according to Johann Crochet, who has seen Roma fail on several occasions.

« I’ve never seen a goalkeeper so bad on his feet, release the journalist from RMC At the beginning of the week. Goalkeepers are usually uncomfortable with their feet, they swing forward. The problem with Pau López when he arrives at Roma is that they tell us that Paulo Fonseca wanted a comfortable goalkeeper in the short shot to play from behind. It didn’t take long for him to realize that things were not at all wrong. Not at all, not at all. (…) There is a real dosage problem in the short and medium-long game. The number of balls intercepted by opponents this season … The real problem is usually in the first quarter of an hour and against big teams. It can totally take you out of the game. »

“You must progress mentally”

« In his line, Paul López is quite a good goalkeeper, titled the Italian soccer specialist. The problem in Rome is that he had a good six months. It’s been a really interesting six months and we think he’s a little better than Robin Olsen. He’s better in his line. The problem is that I think you have to progress mentally. He made a big mistake in the derby against Lazio at the end of January 2020, and behind his adventure in Rome it was over. Behind, there is no security, no more mind. Nothing more. He was feverish with the ball. Then he got injured and lost his place in favor of Mirante who was 35 or 36 years old and was not incredible. »What reassures Steve Mandanda?

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