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Samsung integrates Google Stadia & Co. into televisions

Samsung integrates Google Stadia & Co. into televisions

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With Game Center, Samsung is bringing various game streaming services like Google Stadia and Xbox Cloud Gaming to the TV. But there is more on the menu.

Xbox Game Streaming, also known as Xbox Cloud Gaming or Project xCloud, has been officially available since September 15, 2020. To access it, you don’t need an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, but you can stream free titles like Fortnite for free. . Only for paid games there is a shortage. Subscription of 13 euros to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate necessary. Microsoft recently announced a collaboration with Samsung, thus fulfilling a promise the group itself had made in June 2021. Samsung now has Xbox Cloud Gaming right on Smart TVs launched with Tizen OS. There are also other video game streaming services available in the game center.

The game center allows different configurations

In addition to the Microsoft app, there is also an app for Google Stadia and for Nvidia Geforce Now. To bring games to TV via Internet connection, all you need is a user account with the relevant provider and a wireless controller for control. First of all, the Samsung game center, including all three apps, is only available for Samsung models from 2022 onwards. In addition to access to cloud providers, some settings can also be made for the TV. For example, the sound can be adjusted and Bluetooth accessories can be paired. With the built-in image processors, the image quality should improve and input lag should be reduced.

In addition to 2022 model Samsung TVs, the gaming hub is also available for 2022 M series smart monitors. In order to use cloud gaming, your own Internet connection must have a download speed of at least 10 Mbit /s .

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Collection about cloud gaming on Samsung TVs:

  • Samsung has started rolling out the game center to its smart TVs running Tizen OS. Google Stadia, Nvidia Geforce Now, and Xbox Cloud Gaming streaming services are available from this menu item. With a wireless controller, video games can be streamed directly to the TV over the Internet.
  • In addition to access to cloud providers, some settings can also be made, for example for sound and paired Bluetooth accessories in the game center.
  • Game Center is initially only available for 2022 model year Samsung TVs and M-series monitors.

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