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Sony: New Android Gaming Hardware Announced

When it comes to game consoles, Sony is already a big deal. For many gamers, the PlayStation brand is synonymous with high-end gaming. However, in the field of mobile video games, the Japanese manufacturer has never made a breakthrough despite numerous attempts. Neither the PlayStation Portable nor the PlayStation Vita could ever top the mighty Nintendo handheld console. And the Xperia Play gaming mobile phone, which specializes in gaming, also remained a niche product. Now, apparently, Sony dares to attack the mobile gaming division again.

In a recently published article teaser video the company announces a reveal event for September 12, 2022 at 6 am German time. Everything should revolve around new hardware for “pro gamers and streamers”. Since the party is being held under the banner of Sony’s Xperia smartphone brand, it’s reasonable to assume that the company is testing another gaming phone. With Xperia Play, Sony once released a device that had physical control elements. Die-hard fans have been waiting for a successor for years. However, the teaser released for the event does not provide any clues.

Teaser does not indicate a new smartphone

The video shows a young man playing on a smartphone that looks very conventional with no pull-down buttons or similar features. It seems extremely unlikely that Sony will release a gaming-focused phone that doesn’t have any physical input options, especially since there’s no evidence that the company has such a new smartphone in the works. The question marks left by Sony’s announcement in the gaming community are just as big.

Since the manufacturer explicitly mentions gaming gear in the video description, it must be new hardware. If it is not a new smartphone, the launch of new accessories would be conceivable. I really want Twitter user They have found parallels with a cooling module for the Xperia 1 IV, which was first announced in May 2022. This can be attached to the smartphone from the back and uses a fan to dissipate heat and increase gaming performance. demanding. However, the fact that Sony is organizing its own presentation event for such a device seems rather absurd. And so, for better or worse, there is nothing left but to wait for September 12, 2022.