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#TGIQF: the retro quiz on defunct IT companies

#TGIQF: the retro quiz on defunct IT companies

Today’s quiz is about companies in the IT world that have disappeared from the scene or only exist as brands. It’s filled with nostalgic memories of once-important computer hardware, software, or game makers. Do you remember her? Compare yourself with the other heise readers online!

There are many reasons why many IT companies don’t exist anymore: sometimes the bosses were too stubborn and didn’t want to make the competition big, they went bankrupt and sold the best parts of their company (several times). Sometimes the biggest players were interested in a technology and just took over the company.

Our quiz takes you on a journey back to the early years of home computing. As you read the many company names, do memories arise? Feel free to wallow in the forum, share your score and your opinion about the quiz; only solutions are taboo there. Have fun puzzling!

By the way: all the companies mentioned actually existed in the course of history. Sometimes as a competitor to the company you are looking for, sometimes in a different area. Follow us to stay up to date with current topics in the IT world On twitter, on Facebook either On Instagram. Do you have other suggested topics for a test? Just write an email to our quiz master!


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