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The video introduces the console and developer features

The video introduces the console and developer features

While it’s widely known what the PS5 looks like and what features it offers, thanks to a new YouTube video, you can also take an extensive look at the console’s dev kit.

Before the PS5 design was revealed a few years ago, images of the next-gen console’s development kit began to circulate. Later it turned out that the developer console as in previous generations clearly different from the commercial version, both optically and in terms of technical conditions.

A closer look at the PS5 Dev Kit comes in a new video posted today on Youtube by Macho Nacho Productions. Take a look at the hardware design as well as the features, including the interface.

As in the originally leaked images, the Dev Kit’s V-shape catches the eye. There is a simple reason for this construction: the ventilation slots are located on the open interior, so that the hardware can be stacked without risk of overheating.

All kinds of buttons and slots are arranged on the front of the developer’s console. And users don’t have to do without a screen either. In the further course of the video, the Youtuber boots up the console and shows what is happening on the screen.

You can check out the presentation of the PS5 dev kit below:

While the dev kit design is unlikely to change, the release of an entirely new PS5 model could be imminent. According to Tom Hendersonwhich has provided reliable information in the past, the new model will launch alongside a removable Blu-ray drive.

Such a move could give Sony a chance to phase out the two current models and streamline production while offering gamers a disc-only and digital-only option. According to the still unconfirmed rumour, the new model will be launched in September 2023.

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However, revisions with invisible changes also appear from time to time. A new model with the version designation CFI-1200 was recently discovered, weighing up to 300 grams less. A look inside can be thrown in this message.

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