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This app tells you if your phone is waterproof!

This app tells you if your phone is waterproof!

InternetDesk: We take care of the face and screen protector of the most purchased smartphone. And if the phone falls into the water … we’ll take it out and dry it. If you are lucky, the phone will work … or you will have to take it to the service center. To solve this problem, mobile device manufacturing companies are bringing phones with a water resistance function. If the phone has an IP rating, it will not sing even if it is soaked in water. Before buying, you should check the IP rating of the phone. However, according to the company, the phone should not be submerged to know if it really has water resistance. What else to do? With this idea in mind, a company called Ray W created an app called Water Resistance Tester. With the help of this we can know if our phone has water resistance or not.

The phone’s water resistance tester suggests putting the phone aside for a minute or two after opening the app. Then it shows you to place your fingers on the screen. The test begins as soon as the fingers are placed on the screen and lightly pressed. If the green mark appears on the screen, the test is complete. Then the screen shows whether the phone is waterproof or not. However, many users report that removing the SIM tray from the phone shows that the phone is not waterproof. How accurately this app worksToday is the day to know.

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