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Update 22.02- with 1440p support and more features to download

Sony has released a new system update for PS5 called 22.02- It will ship worldwide starting today and offers 1440p support for the console, among other things.

Sony has confirmed that PS5 owners can download a new update, version number 22.02-, starting today. It is available for download worldwide.

The update includes several much-requested features, according to Sony, such as 1440p HDMI video output and playlists, as well as social features such as the ability to request another party member to share your screen, view the profiles of new friends, and receive an update. notification to find out more about a group Chat to join a friend’s game.

In addition, after installing the update, 3D audio and stereo audio can be compared on the same screen, while ongoing activities in game centers can be more easily accessed. In our article about the beta update the functions mentioned are described in more detail.

But the new PS5 update has even more to offer, including the ability to search for content on YouTube using your voice in early regions. For example, while using the PS5 (even while gaming), gamers can say, “Hey PlayStation, looking at [Stichwort] on YouTube.” The YouTube app will open and display relevant search results.

The Trick: Voice Control is currently only available in English preview for PS5 players with accounts registered in the US or UK.

New app features

In addition to the aforementioned PS5 console updates, Sony plans to gradually roll out some new features to the PS app on iOS and Android throughout the month. This includes:

Start a PS Remote Play session via the PS app: PS app users can start a PS Remote Play session directly from the PS app on iOS and Android devices. Users must first ensure that the application is connected to the console and that the console is in sleep mode. The Play with PS Remote Play icon is then selected in the PS App Game Hub and the PS Remote Play app will automatically launch the game if it is installed on the mobile or tablet device.

Release request screen: Similar to the PS5 feature, PS app users can ask another party member who plays on the PS5 to start a screen sharing session, and then follow their friend’s gameplay through the app.

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“Thank you to all of our fans who continue to share their suggestions and ideas with us. We always listen to your feedback and aim to improve your gaming and social experience with every update. See you online,” concluded Sony.

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