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AMD Ryzen 7000 Mobile: Zen-Notebook-CPUs erhalten ab 2023 neue Bezeichnungen

AMD Ryzen 7000 Mobile: Zen Laptop CPUs Will Have New Designations Starting in 2023

With Ryzen 7000 Mobile, AMD is introducing a new naming scheme for mobile processors in 2023 which, among other things, integrates the Zen architecture into the model number. The segment (9, 7, 5, or 3) that previously followed the “Ryzen” brand can also be found in the model number. Desktop processors will stay with the old model for now.

The above naming scheme

The current naming scheme for Ryzen mobile processors follows that of desktop CPUs, as known since the first generation of Ryzen from 2017. Until now, the “Ryzen” brand name has been followed by an assignment to a product segment ( 9, 7, 5, or 3) followed by a four-digit number sequence plus any suffix. The four-digit number sequence contains the generation first, the assignment to a performance class within the product segment second, and then a model number within the performance class within the generation. A suffix (H, HX, HS, or U) also provides information about the power class of laptop CPUs. Model numbers derived from the naming scheme do not provide any information about the underlying CPU or iGPU architecture, for example.

Ryzen’s naming scheme since Gen 1 in 2017 (Image: AMD)

The new naming scheme

Among other things, this is exactly what the new naming scheme that AMD wants to introduce with Ryzen 7000 Mobile in 2023 is supposed to change. A week ago, AMD distributed a small turntable for the AMD Ryzen 7000 unveiling in Austin, Texas, which shows the new naming scheme in action, though not all possibilities make sense or will be implemented this way.

AMD Ryzen Name Generator for Laptops
AMD Ryzen Name Generator for Laptops

AMD’s “simple hub” doesn’t tell the whole truth

However, the new scheme is not as simple as AMD wanted you to believe in Austin with the help of the turntable, as the slides published later with more details make clear. Because the product segment that was previously behind “Ryzen” does not shift to second place without replacement, nor is it found there 1:1. Rather, there are two different digits in the second position per segment (Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7, Ryzen 9), only for Athlon Silver and Athlon Gold there is only one each. With Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 9 there is even an overlap with the “x8xx”. The third digit, in turn, provides clear information about the underlying CPU architecture.

The new naming scheme starting with AMD Ryzen 7000 Mobile
The new AMD Ryzen 7000 Mobile naming scheme (Image: AMD)

Unchanged, the first digit provides information about the generation (AMD equates it to specific model years in the example) and the fourth digit about the performance class within a segment, so there appears to be only “0” for “Segment lower” and ” 5″ for “Upper segment”. Previously, this information was in the 2nd position and was more differentiable.

Mobile Ryzen comes with 9 Watt TDP

The suffix includes familiar abbreviations HX, HS, H, U, and C. Apparently “e” is new, which is intended for CPUs with a TDP of just 9 watts, which will still reside below the U-series.

An example:

Admission of architecture not without reason

By including the architecture in the model number, AMD will deal with so-called “updates” more transparently in the future, even if usually only enthusiasts know anything about the product designation’s background. Slides released by AMD on the new scheme make it clear that the Ryzen 7000 Mobile series will also have Zen 2 architecture CPUs, while Zen 4 processors reside at the higher end.

The calls
So-called “upgrades”, i.e. CPUs with the old architecture under a new name, are becoming more visible to the trained eye (Image: AMD)

For now only for Ryzen for notebooks

According to AMD, the new scheme will initially only be introduced in the mobile sector, and previous models will not be renamed retrospectively. Desktop processors should stay with the old scheme for now.

With the inclusion of architecture in the model designation, the new naming scheme makes an adjustment that will no doubt appeal to enthusiasts. The fact that there is “only” an assignment to a segment within a TDP class and, in turn, an assignment to one of the two performance classes makes the new scheme seem somewhat more significant at first glance. But the mere fact that there are segments with performance classes at different TDP levels and that these look clear on paper, but can be designed completely differently by the OEM on the laptop, makes it clear that the new scheme won’t overwhelm either. completely to customers. the performance of the processor in the system under consideration, especially since a statement about the relevant iGPU in the processor is completely missing.

Information about this article has been received by ComputerBase from AMD under the NDA. The only requirement was the earliest possible publication date.

Update 09.07.2022 16:25