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Laptop for office and relaxed gaming

1. What do you want to use your laptop for? Commercial or private use?

1.1. Do you want to use the laptop primarily mobile or stationary? How mobile should the laptop be? Should it be a 2-in-1 notebook/convertible?
It should be as light as possible, but not 2in1

1.2. If you want to play games: what games? What level of detail?
Actually just World of Warcraft. Occasionally maybe Overwatch. The level of detail is not that important. It shouldn’t feel like playing in a toaster.

1.3. Music/image/video editing or CAD: which software? Professional or hobbyist?

2. How big should the screen be? Do you want a touch screen or a particularly high display quality?
15 inches, contactless

3. How long should the battery last?
Not important

4. What operating system do you want to use? Is there a license? Does the laptop already have an operating system pre-installed? Do you get Windows through college?
Windows 11 pre-installed

5. Do you have any wishes regarding design, processing quality, material or colour?

6. Are there any other special requirements that were not asked about? Big hard drive? numeric keyboard? keyboard backlight? pen holder? Docking via USB-C/Thunderbolt 3? CD/DVD drive? Discounts (educational)? Service and warranty? maintenance options? SD card reader?

7. How much money are you willing to spend? Is buying used an option?
Less than 1000 euros, preferably around 800 euros. None used.

Thank you for your answers and your effort!