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Anderson of ChiSox decorates the cover of the video game. Next is a ring?

Anderson of ChiSox decorates the cover of the video game. Next is a ring?

Chicago (AP) — White Sox star Tim Anderson has appeared on the cover of a video game. He hopes the World Series ring will fit it.

Anderson doesn’t understand why the White Sox can’t win everything right after the groundbreaking playoff season.

“Anything is possible,” he said. “It’s always been the goal to win the World Series? Don’t be shy about it …. I know what we can do.”

Anderson spoke Thursday, hours after announcing that Major League Baseball was a cover athlete for “RBI Baseball 21.” Dynamic Shortstop was the first White Sox player to grace the cover of the video game series, with the latest version scheduled for release in March. Franchises that are overlooked and open their eyes in their own city are attracting attention.

“Getting to this place is a clear indication of what we’ve been working on,” he said. “I think all the work is shown — how hard you have worked behind the scenes, not just what you see. We are definitely happy with our position. We Is in the right place. “

Anderson seems to be a perfect cover for his fun and loving attitude and big bat flip. After leading the major with .335 in 2019, he finished second in the American League with an average batting average of .322 last season. Along with ALMVP Jose Abreu, he has a rich lineup.

The White Sox played off last year for the first time since 2008, finishing seven seasons of defeat. They tied Cleveland 35-25 to second place at AL Central behind Minnesota.

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The White Sox is currently looking to the first World Series Championship since 2005. And when other teams are cutting costs, they’re loading.

“We’ve added a few things we need,” Anderson says. “I think all these factors help us. I really don’t think it’s about spending a lot of money. I’m doing something that makes sense and I put a piece in it I think they really only help. They are really doing the right thing to get to where we are going. “

The White Sox added one of the best closers in the game when it signed a $ 54 million deal with Liam Hendriks last week. But that wasn’t the only big move in Chicago.

The White Sox hired Hall of Fame manager Tony La Russa to replace Rick Renteria. They bought Lance Lynn in a deal with Texas and gave them a durable starter to go with ace Lucas Giolito and the 2015 AL Cy Young Award-winning Dallas Keuchel. And they brought back veteran outfielder Adam Eaton, who helped the Washington Nationals win the championship in 2019.

“I think everyone we sign will help us,” Anderson said. “They were around. You know the history of those people. You have seen what they have done over the years.”


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