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Android 13: the new version of the easter egg is finally here: a clock widget and endless emojis (gallery)


Each version of Android has an Easter egg, which has always been accessible in the same way and changes a bit from version to version. with the youngest android 13beta The Easter egg for Android 13 has finally been unlocked, which this time is very colorful and focuses on emojis. With just a few steps, you can display screens full of colorful emojis.

android 13 logo

Android was supposed to be fun and in some places you can still see it in the operating system today, for example in the internal names of candy or Easter eggs. Each version has its own Easter Egg, which can be accessed very easily by tapping the version number multiple times in the settings. These Easter eggs had their heyday with the Flappy Bird game or the cat game, because today they consist mainly of colorful and interactive representations, but no longer actual games.

With the deployment of Android 13 Beta 3.3 Unlocked Easteregg for Android 13. This opens as described above and first appears as a clock widget, displayed full size against the background. Now you need to turn the clock hand one turn so that it reads 13:00 (Android 13) and numerous circles will appear and the clock will show a big 13.

But it only gets really fun if you play one of these circles for a longer time. The circles become emojis that render in all sizes and orientations. It looks chaotic, but the emojis fit together and always create a cohesive image. Here you have a small selection.

android 13 emoji easter egg 1

android 13 emoji easter egg 2

android 13 emoji easter egg 3

Looks great. It remains to be seen if more will be added with the stable version or if it will stick with the emojis. Apparently these play a slightly bigger role in Android 13. All that is known so far is that Now updates emojis regardless of operating system let.

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