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Artificial intelligence is like quantum computing

Artificial intelligence is like quantum computing

Internet Desk: Sundar Pichai, the leading CEO of tech giant Google, has said that the fields of artificial intelligence and quantum computing will have a major impact on human life in the coming days. He spoke in a recent interview. He said that as much as fire, electricity and the Internet were needed today, artificial intelligence would be as urgent in the future as certain tasks could be accomplished with the help of artificial intelligence more efficiently than humans. It is also the leader of other Google companies in the field of artificial intelligence, such as Alphabet, Wage, Fitbit, and Deep Mind. He said that online activities are more important than physical activities today. The Internet is today’s digital age.

Use of the Internet without accidents and without restrictions!

He said the use of free and unrestricted internet in some countries has struggled in recent times, indirectly targeting China. He said that most countries control the flow of information. He said there were no major Google products available in China. He predicted that in the next few years, progress in the fields of artificial intelligence and quantum computing would revolutionize the entire world in a way that no one else knew about. He said that these are going to be the greatest technological revolutions ever developed by mankind. Artificial intelligence, he said, is basically the process of inserting human intelligence into machines, multiplying it, and making it work. He recalled that already many artificial intelligence systems are solving many problems better than human beings. But it is noteworthy in this context that the famous scientist Stephen Hawking warned that artificial intelligence would bring damage to the system we have today.

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