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Google anticipates news for Android 12 games

Google hosts an annual event specifically for mobile game developers called the Google For Game Developers Summit. The event lasts two days and this year it begins today, July 12.

In this issue, the Mountain View giant mentions a new feature for Android 12 and new APIs for the game mode.

As the quality of games continues to improve, their size also increases, resulting in long and tedious downloads. It seems that a new way of downloading games will be introduced that will somehow reduce or eliminate the waiting time to start playing.

The new “transform feature” is reminiscent of a similar option implemented by Google in 2018 that allowed you to test games before downloading them and may have been a source of inspiration.

Google anticipates new APIs for game mode

In another keynote, Google also anticipated that the new API “Game Mode” will be coming soon to Android 12. The description explains that users will have the choice between a mode that favors frame rate and high performance and another that allows them to save about battery consumption.

However, this feature may not be available on all devices running Android 12, as high-performance mode cannot support less powerful chipsets, even though they can run Android 12.

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