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Among us

Between us, crewmate, situations that make you suspicious

Among Us (YouTube Screenshot)

The most dangerous situations for the members of Among Us are a real concern. But there are tricks to fix them

Among Us turns out to be one of the most used mobile games by users. Inside there are several situations very unpleasant where you can find yourself. Within the title one of the most important roles is that of crewmate to which, however, special attention must be paid.

In most games, being a member of a team is the same as playing your own. Chores. This can mean repairing the sabotage and expelling any would-be impostors to win the game.

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Between us, crewmate, situations that make you suspicious

Among us
Among Us (YouTube Screenshot)

These are the most uncomfortable situations that can occur when playing how crewmate.

  • Claiming to have killed an impostor with the typical phrase of a crewmate “He killed him in front of me “. This is a very awkward situation as the impostor very often accuses the other player saying that it was him who killed him in front of his eyes. In this case, the player who has already aroused suspicions during the game comes. expelled from the base ship.
  • The second awkward situation is very similar to the first. This occurs when a player claims that “He used the hatch in front of me”. The difference is that the player has no corpse of report. To do this you are tasked with using the emergency meeting button to alert others to the presence of an imposter.
  • Being alone is a very risky situation for two reasons. It is possible to become teach easy for imposters. But also because no one can confirm the innocence of the player when he is accused of killing another.
  • Stay stuck inside a room with closed doors.
  • Take too little or too much time to carry out a mission.
  • Being accused of being a impostor when there are two or more imposters in the game.
  • Ignoring the presence of someone or something within the instruments.
  • To be far of the lights when they go out
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These are the worst situations that can happen to a crewmate. The title enjoyed astronomical success during 2020, thanks to the variety of its missions. So many users can’t wait to be imposters in order to defeat everyone.

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