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Not compatible with first generation PSVR games.

Not compatible with first generation PSVR games.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has officially confirmed that PlayStation VR2 will not play first-generation PlayStation VR games. The new headsets will not be compatible with the old games.

Early next year, Sony Interactive Entertainment wants to announce the next generation of its own virtual reality technology with PlayStation VR2. However, the manufacturer has bad news for all gamers who want to switch from the first to the second iteration: PlayStation VR2 will not be compatible with PlayStation VR games!

A state-of-the-art experience!

in the PlayStation Official Podcast Hideaki Nishino, Senior Vice President of Platform Experience at Sony Interactive Entertainment, had a few words to say on the subject:

“PlayStation VR games are not compatible with PlayStation VR2, as PlayStation VR2 was designed to be a true next-generation virtual reality experience.”

In return, players are also offered numerous new features, some of which didn’t even exist in the first generation. Therefore, Nishino explained the lack of compatibility with the following words:

“PlayStation VR 2 has much more advanced features, like a whole new controller with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, like I said, and inside-out tracking, 3D audio that stitches together, 4K HDR of course… That means creating Play for PlayStation VR2 requires a very different approach than the original PlayStation VR. These features actually allow developers to create worlds that feel even more vivid and alive, bringing players closer to the experience than ever before. I believe that.”

So you’ll still need to own the first PlayStation VR if you want to play games like Astro Bot: Rescue Mission and Farpoint, or experience Resident Evil 7: biohazard in VR. However, this does not mean that the developers will not create and publish corresponding implementations for PlayStation VR2 in the future.

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No announcements have been made so far, but if anything develops in this direction we will update you. Until then, feel free to tell us what you think about the lack of compatibility with first-gen games in the comments.

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