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Odyssey indefinitely postponed on consoles to fix PC version

Odyssey indefinitely postponed on consoles to fix PC version

In fact, this is what David Braben, P.-. Frontier Developments CEO announced late at night, on the forums ofElite Dangerous. Odyssey in fact, it should be rolled out to old and new consoles in 2021, but the current PC gaming situation requires this project to be postponed until further notice.

« As you may recall in our latest Dev Diary, the large number of updates and the effort that went into fixing and improving the issues that plagued the Odyssey release means that work on the console versions has not progressed as quickly as we expected. Furthermore, we see that the progress made in the last five major updates has improved the situation dramatically, but we must continue down this path to deliver the PC experience you have come to expect from us. “, He declared.

David Braben also underscored the fact that the work done on the PC version to make it stable will also pay off for the console versions. A wise decision, although it will not appeal to those who want to explore and enter the space from their living room. This will require patience, the release ofOdyssey on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X| S is postponed to an indeterminate date.

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