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The Crew 2, Call of Duty and more;  all free games for this weekend (July 9-11, 2021)

The Crew 2, Call of Duty and more; all free games for this weekend (July 9-11, 2021)

Discover all the video games to play this weekend without paying a euro on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S

One more week comes the weekend and with it the eternal question of what video game to waste time on. There are many options to enjoy without paying more like the services of Xbox Game Pass or then Playstation now. But if you are looking for video games to try or get without paying a single dollar, this is your place.

Here is the complete list of free video games for this new weekend and we remind you that the list includes both the platforms for which the game is free and if it is necessary to have a certain type of active payment subscription to benefit from the offer .

Featured Free Games

Constructeur de ponts The Walking Dead (PC)

Join a group of survivors as they battle hordes of undead walkers and a hostile human community. Build bridges and other buildings in dark landscapes and destroyed structures. Join beloved characters like Daryl, Michonne, and Eugene, and create safe paths for the series’ iconic vehicles.

Use mobile level items, explosives, and decoys to your advantage as you lead walkers through deadly traps and guide your survivors to safe areas. Enjoy frenzied physics-based rag doll animations as walkers succumb to gravity.

Dead By Daylight (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S)

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer horror game (4v1) in which one player takes on the role of the ruthless killer and the other 4 take on the role of survivors trying to escape from him to avoid being captured, tortured and killed.

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Survivors play in the third person and have the advantage of having a better perception of their surroundings. The killer plays in the first person and focuses more on his prey. Le but du survivant à chaque rencontre est de s’échapper of the zone de mise à mort sans être captured by l’assassin, ce qui semble plus facile qu’il ne l’est, providing with an environment that change à chaque fois que you play.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (PS4, PS5) – required PS Plus

Black Ops 4 features a smooth, solid, and grainy multiplayer combat system, the largest Zombies mode to date, and five undead adventures in addition to Blackout, where the Black Ops universe comes to life in two massive Battle Royale experiences.

Crew 2 (PC, PS4, PS5)

The Crew 2, the next installment in the groundbreaking The Crew saga, captures all the excitement of American motorsport in one of the most exciting open worlds in history. Welcome to Motornation, a huge, diverse and beautiful playground that spans the entire United States and is designed for the fun of motorsports.

Explore without limits by land, sea and air. Street and professional racers, off-road explorers and freestyle enthusiasts meet and compete from coast to coast in all manner of disciplines. Join them in high octane competitions and share every moment of glory with the world.

All free games (July 9-11)



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