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Unresolved difficulties.  Washington is studying the possibility of failure of the nuclear negotiations.

Unresolved difficulties. Washington is studying the possibility of failure of the nuclear negotiations.

With Some difficulties persist Which the negotiators found no solution, despite the passage of 6 rounds of Nuclear talks in Vienna Between Iran and the countries of the West, although the date of the seventh round has not yet been determined, the team of US President Joe Biden has apparently begun to study the possibility of not returning to the nuclear deal.

An informed source told Bloomberg today, Friday, that the US administration is actually considering the failure of those talks and is considering alternatives.

Especially after hopes of a swift comeback to revive a deal former President Donald Trump withdrew from, and the stalemate exacerbated by Iran’s technological progress in the enrichment arena, as well as the election of a new hardline president. , raised doubts about whether the agreement reached in 2015 will be enough to limit the country’s nuclear ambitions for longer.

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In this context, Kelsey Davenport, director of non-proliferation of the Arms Control Association, said that the more knowledge Iran acquired, “the more difficult it became to guarantee that the nuclear agreement signed in 2015 would limit Tehran’s development of nuclear weapons.” whereas the data got more complicated which made the game dangerous now.

“Iran is jeopardizing the Vienna talks by continuing nuclear activities that cannot be completely reversed,” he said.

United States President Joe Biden (The Associated Press)

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The election of Ibrahim Raisi as president in June also made matters even more complicated.

While America’s primary strategy is to rejoin the nuclear deal and then come up with what it calls a “longer and stronger” deal that addresses issues such as expanding restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program, some of which They will expire in 2025, and raising the issue of ballistic missiles and subsidies. Armed militias in various Arab countries, Raisi stressed that these issues are out of the question.

Photo by Ibrahim Raisi (AFP)

Photo by Ibrahim Raisi (AFP)

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Commenting on these developments, Ray Takee, a senior member of the Council of Congress on Foreign Relations, told Bloomberg: “Iran’s ship has sailed. Today it has materials for nuclear weapons and advanced centrifuges, so anyone who thinks a return to nuclear technology deal would bring Iran’s nuclear program back to square one, it does not have an exact understanding of what is happening. “

Those technological advances forced the White House to consider other alternatives, according to a person familiar with the matter.


Although the information indicated that among those alternatives, for example, is the request that Iran store its most advanced centrifuges under the seal of the International Atomic Energy Agency, so that the agreement allows their use in 2025 under the provisions of the “expiration ”Of the agreement.

Iranian centrifuges (archive - Reuters)

Iranian centrifuges (archive – Reuters)

Another idea that has been raised is that Tehran reduce the number of centrifuges it has.

Notably, Iran had suspended the work of international inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency, and did not provide a response last week following the expiration of the interim agreement to the agency, despite its announcement that it is looking into the matter.

All this occurs while the date of the seventh round remains vague and unspecified, while all countries involved in international negotiations are asked not to waste time.