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Interview with the mayor of Palermo before the final of the European Championship: in Italy, it's not just about victory

Job interview with the mayor of Palermo just before the ultimate of the European Championship: in Italy, it can be not just about victory

Leoluca Orlando is the fifth mayor of Palermo, was a member of the European Parliament and studied regulation in Heidelberg. On July 5, 2021, he acquired the Federal Cross of Merit for his European and refugee policy.

Mr. Orlando, is soccer a portion of Italian society?

Activity is generally society. Every town has its national sport, for example, for the United States it is American football. And even if I really like American football, there is only one sport in Italy that connects the whole region and that is football. All Italians, including all Italian politicians, have their beloved regional group. The levels of competition in between the clubs is extremely intense and the place is divided on this.

What comes about as soon as the countrywide team enters the scene?

Then there is an remarkable experience of unity, inspite of all the troubles in Italy. We are wonderful individualists, but when 11 players from at minimum 10 distinctive metropolitan areas appear together on the subject, that is neglected. What counts is the team, the nationwide team has the identical result on us as the flag. This is also the excellent achievement of Roberto Mancini. There is no star, all gamers have the very same legal rights. Mancini made a team and gave hope.

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Roberto Mancini took the team out of nowhere in two many years. In the Italian media, he is normally as opposed to Key Minister Mario Draghi, who is meant to elevate Italy out of the crown disaster. Does the comparison function?

Comparisons in between activity and politics are complicated. Sport is not politics, a terrific athlete could fall short as a politician. Mario Draghi came to the federal government as an outsider to help you save Italy. It is popular since Italian politics is de facto useless and it is an internationally nicely-linked bearer of hope. Roberto Mancini arouses enthusiasm for the reason that Italian football is alive. How do you review everyday living and dying?

In connection with the European Championship, the term “guarigione”, healing, is listened to around and over once again. Has soccer healed the country a little bit?

Of training course, the country breathes a sigh of reduction. Even if, for instance, I never have huge screens set up in Palermo owing to the delta variant. And with every little thing we’ve explained so much, in the conclude it isn’t going to make a difference if we get the closing. We want to play perfectly, show great soccer, have fun. That is what differentiates us from other nations. It is about the “considerably stunning figure”, we want to appear fantastic. So we take a defeat in the closing.

Palermo Mayor Leoluca Orlando on a take a look at to Berlin.Image: IMAGO / photograph library

You have to describe it in more element!

The motivation to existing a great picture, “di far bella figura”, is deeply rooted in the Italian soul. It is a collective feeling. For us Italians, it is unbelievably critical what our European neighbors believe of us. When Germany or France say right after the match: Italy performed very well, only then do we believe it ourselves. There is absolutely a lot of delight driving this, but not conceitedness. If we supply a fantastic sport, we are contented. Play lousy and nonetheless gain, superior. Nobody is satisfied there.

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But is the will to conquer the English there? Right after all, this is about Brexit.

Let’s put it that way. I feel Italians just didn’t fully grasp Brexit. And to put it casually, it sat on our stomachs. Of class, you have to respect everyone’s freedom, but we truly do not get it. So yeah, specified Brexit, it would be much better for Italy to earn.

Let’s adhere with soccer as a political metaphor for a second. Will Italy return to the centre of the EU with the Euro? Emmanuel Macron and Sergio Mattarella want to form the new European tandem for the time immediately after Merkel.

Of system, Italy will transfer to the center. But just one matter is clear. Even if Merkel’s govt is about: German politics has a tradition of leadership that grew out of the financial recovery. In Italy we have Draghi as a leader, but we do not have a culture of political management powering him. The problem will be what will materialize after Draghi.

In which do you see the long run of Europe?

I am a staunch European. As a scholar in Heidelberg, I experienced to renew my visa each and every a few months. That is unthinkable these days, all people can travel freely. For me, Europe is the union of a substantial number of minorities, anyone has the identical legal rights. The European Union is the dwelling of all European nations. For me, the European Union is and will continue to be the only attainable long run.