Can Esports Gaming Be Considered A Viable Profession In Pakistan?

With the past couple of years, the growth in the esports gaming has been revolutionized to a next level. People from all around the world are participating as well as contributing towards the esports gaming in different shapes. The professional teams and the tournaments arranged for them are not only the source of income for the players but it is also a fun activity to perform under the supervision of coaches and staff. As we proceed into the 21st century, the status of esports industry has grown exponentially over the time.

The developers from all around the world have given their time to the esports gaming due to its popularity in different kind of instances. Not only have the developers, but the renowned investors also subsidized a lot of money in the esports tournaments and leagues. With the flow of time, the popularity of esports industry is becoming very high, and people from all around the world are participating in the esports games and their on-going tournaments and leagues.

In Pakistan, the esports world is beginning to dawn. It is so bleak possibly because people in Pakistan (especially parents) see gaming as wastage of time. They discourage their children to follow the career in gaming (i.e., their passion). Mindset is the problem here. Gaming is thought just to be a source of entertainment which does not require any skills. In fact, it does need a good amount of talent to be a real gamer. It requires good decision-making skills, analyzing power, concentration, etc. But things are changing now as youth is participating more and more in gaming nowadays.

From small drink wagers to minor competitions of prize pools scaling to thousands of rupees, the esports gaming in Pakistan has grown by leaps and bounds. With the emergence of platforms like Tech League Gaming (TLG) (Formerly known as Tech Gaming League), the expansion rate in the esports industry of Pakistan has risen quite significantly as compared to the past few years. Currently, the esports world is still in its initial phase in Pakistan, but the spark is there. The talent and the skills are ever so emerging in the youth of today, which could very well pave the way for great things. When the gamers will become parents, they won’t discourage their children to have a gaming career.

The country should first look forward to go on par with its neighbors, like India. The total amount of prize money won in Indian eSports in 2016 was INR 76,95,000 (USD 115,674). That is an astonishing figure as compared to Pakistan’s events. So, for the time being things are going slow for esports gaming in Pakistan. But there is a high probability that things could go to great lengths.

So, this is our perspective of what is currently going on in Pakistan’s esports industry. TGR will keep you updated on all that is happening in esports Pakistan and around the world.