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Fitness Guide: 10 Fitbit Tricks and Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

From those looking to prioritize their health to tech enthusiasts, check any fitness gift guide and you’ll find Fitbits near the top of the most wanted gifts.

Part smartwatch, part fitness tool, Fitbits are a great choice for everyone from serious athletes to those who enjoy more casual workouts.

Whether you’ve already got a Fitbit or you’re on the market, check out this fitness guide to learn 10 tricks and features you probably didn’t know that Fitbits had.

  1. Set Your Daily Goals

There are a number of reasons why you might choose to wear a smartwatch. But when it comes to Fitbits, most wearers are looking to keep track of their health and enhance their workouts.

You probably already know that you can do things like keep track of how many steps you’re taking each day, log workouts, and even input how many glasses of water you’re drinking. However, many people don’t realize that your fitness watch can also be used to set goals for yourself.

You can use your Fitbit app to quickly set all kinds of goals for yourself. When you reach your goal, your device will vibrate, display a message, or otherwise alert you. You can also use your app to track how many days, weeks, or months you’ve hit the goals you set.

Use this function to help you drink the recommended number of cups of water, to stick to a workout plan, or to increase the number of steps you’re taking.

  1. Log Workouts Your Fitbit Can’t Track

While Fitbits often land on most fitness gift guides, they are better adapted for some workouts than others.

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For instance, most smartwatches struggle to track workouts on indoor bicycles or elliptical machines. That’s because these devices rely on GPS or your body’s forward motion, which is altered on these types of stationary devices.

Luckily, another feature of your Fitbit is the ability to manually log your workouts and other activities. You can add info about the type of workout, how long you were active, the distance traveled, and more.

This helps ensure that you’re keeping an accurate workout of your fitness.

  1. Customize Your Dashboard

Everyone uses their Fitbit differently. That’s why one of the best features of the watch is the ability to customize your dashboard.

That way when you use your watch, you can quickly and easily access the features you use the most often.

Whether you constantly check your step count or want to quickly check text messages, it’s easy to adjust your dashboard to make it easier to do so.

  1. Swap Your Band

While not a feature of the watch itself, the ability to swap out your band for something that better suits your style is a great way to further customize your smartwatch.

Besides changing the style of your watch, swapping the band also allows you to pick one that is a more comfortable fit for your wrist. And if your band wears out or is damaged, you can easily replace it without needing to upgrade your watch.

Mobile Mob offers a variety of Fitbit bands that help you customize the look and fit of your watch. And because they are so easy to swap out, you can pick a band for every outfit and look.

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  1. Compete with Friends

On, you can add friends who also have Fitbit watches, and then start competing with them. The leaderboard function makes it easy to see where you rank against other members and friends in terms of fitness, activity level, and more.

If you don’t have any friends with Fitbits, don’t worry; you can also compete with strangers through in-app groups that help pair you with other fitness enthusiasts.

  1. Maintain a Sleep Schedule

Experts increasingly point to the importance of maintaining a regular sleep schedule in helping us stay healthy and fall asleep more easily.

If you’re someone who struggles to get to bed at the same time, you can use your Fitbit to start making your bedtime a habit.

With bedtime reminders, your Fitbit will warn you a half hour before your bedtime. This gives you a chance to wrap up whatever you’re doing and start winding down and heading to bed.

  1. Boost Your Battery Life

While most fitness guides for athletes tout the fact that each new generation of Fitbit offers better and better battery life, if you’re constantly using your watch, it may still drain faster than you’d like.

Luckily, another hidden feature of your smartwatch device is the ability to optimize your battery life.

With just a few settings changes, you can make your watch battery last longer, that way you can go longer between charges while still enjoying all of the features on this smartwatch fitness guide list.

  1. Set Silent Alarms

When you and your partner are on different work schedules, waking up in the morning can be a challenge.

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Whoever wakes up the earliest has to set alarms if they don’t want to be late for work. But those alarms are likely to wake up their partner as well, disrupting their sleep.

That’s where silent alarms come in. While they’d be a useless function on an alarm clock, on your watch, they utilize vibrations to wake you up rather than a blaring alarm.

You can up on time for work and your partner can sleep soundly.

  1. Use it Alongside Other Apps

If you’ve also purchased a Peloton on the suggestion of a fitness buy guide, you’re in luck.

Your Fitbit can sync with a variety of other apps, including Peloton, Fitstart, and even Luminosity.

  1. Check Your Weekly Progress

When you’re trying to use your device to work towards fitness goals, checking your weekly progress is a great way to stay on track.

With your Fitbit app, you can customize a weekly progress report. This report will include information about goals that you’ve met, daily averages, any badges you’ve earned, and more.

Putting This Fitness Guide to Work

From setting fitness goals to challenging friends to tracking your progress, your Fitbit is full of tools to help you on your wellness journey.

If you’ve found this fitness guide helpful, check out the rest of our blog for more content like this.