Not so Classified: New FBI Models for CSGO

You know what the FBI is. All conspiracy theories aside, serious or otherwise, these guys ensure that America is safe from all threats—foreign and domestic. That job description alone makes them worthy of being one of Counter-Strike’s most prominent counter-terrorists. Now, after many years of Valve merely focusing on CSGO skins and CSGO trading, to the point that the game has stagnated, the looks department of the feds is finally getting a long-overdue overhaul.

Makeovers: A Federal Business

It’s about time these boys got themselves a makeover. In the past year (or years), CSGO has been a proverbial Ship of Theseus, which is updating bit by bit in order to bring the game into the present day and age. In 2017, The Elite Crew, the resident Terrorists of De Dust, was duly given a makeover, and so did the official map they infamously rule. Now, Valve has finally decided that for this year, it’s America’s defender’s turn to get that same and much-needed treatment.

The original models were wearing an army green tactical suit, body armor over it, and depending on the sprite, balaclava, bonnet, or cap and headset and shades, or a tactical helmet. On the other hand, the new FBI models wear blue windbreakers with body armor on top and blue denim pants. This time around, like their new threads, the headgear is more uniformed–a cap and a headset. Well, except for the black FBI officer, who’s wearing nothing but a headset and shades! Speaking of headsets, the ones the FBI are wearing now have the acronym HRTF written on them, which is a cool reference to the surround sound system CSGO currently utilizes.

Representation and Voice

Yes, the FBI is now a more diverse team than ever, making it even more dynamic than the Terrorist faction’s Professionals. With the United States being a multi-racial society, it’s only fitting that the FBI team gets non-white members. Other than the black FBI agent, we also have an Asian-American agent. On top of the clothes and phenotype differences, another thing that sets the new models apart from the old is the number of polygons. From the original 13-16000 polygons, the models are now 20-23000 polygons, making them smoother than ever.

For a comprehensive fix, Valve has also changed the voices for the FBI. For bomb scenario and hostage modes, they’ll be using SWAT voice lines. This goes to show that this agency is not only meant to be seen but also heard—loud and clear.

Put on the Map

If you want to play as one of these guys, you should check out the maps Nuke, Agency, and Office. Speaking of which, many changes have been made for both Nuke and Office, which are part of the same update that brought us the new FBI models.

For Nuke, the corridor leading to the ramp room from the T side of the map has been made a little bit wider, and the doors leading to the trophy room were slightly moved. As for office, the windows are now fully breakable, so you won’t be seeing any sort of remaining parts on them in case you hit or shoot it. Another change is that some furniture in the T-Spawn were moveable. In fact, even player movement on the stairs is now noticeably smoother, making climb or descent on the steps much less awkward.

Regardless of what you think about them, the FBI is one of the most recognizable anti-terrorist forces both in CSGO and the real world. Thus, it’s only fair that they get this long-overdue change. So, is it for the good or the bad? That’s up to you.

Meta Description: The feds have been given a long-overdue makeover in CSGO. Here’s a close look at the updated look the good guys now boast as well as our two cents.