Steam Link App Blocked By Apple

Steam Link App Announcement

A few days ago, Valve announced its Steam Link App for Mobile Phone and Tablet Users. Using the app, one can comfortably enjoy the Steam Games on his phone and Tablet. It’s basically a LAN based remote desktop app, similar to hundreds of other Apps in the App Store. To our surprise, when last week Valve launched Steam Link’s presence on Android, the scenario got unpleasant between Valve and Apple.

The Dispute

According to Kotaku, on 9th may, 2018, Valve released a news asserting the app won’t be available for iOS users. When asked for the reason, Valve’s spokesperson confirmed, Apple is not allowing the App on iOS because it may cause business conflicts between the two companies. In contrast, Valve confirmed it has not received any claim of violation or any guidelines of fix to gain the approval. Standing firm on its App, Valve claims the technology does not breach any of the developer’s or community’s guidelines published on the App Store. Valve added prior to launch of the App, it was uncomplicatedly respected by the iOS review team. However, soon after it was published on Android, Apple dismissed the approval stating the App would cause Business Conflicts.

Possible Reasons

The reasons behind Apple disallowing the Steam Link App:

  • Apple might have started considering Valve as its potential competitor.
  • Valve does not involve iOS in its in-app purchases, which may hurt iOS Revenue Stream
  • Valve does not have games on iOS but on other consoles and PCs

Final Word

Needless to mention, the iOS users are left out in between the dispute; they won’t be able to use the Steam Link App to play their favorite games on smartphones.

Surprisingly, even after the unfriendly stance taken by Apple, Valve, showing optimism, still hopes Apple will revert the decision and allow Steam Link on the App Store.

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