Team Liquid Breaks The Curse; Wins China SuperMajor

The champions of Ti7 have done it. They have broken the curse of ending up as the runner-ups in every Valve Major event. This time, the boys in blue have won against the leading team in the DPC, Virtus.Pro in the best-of-five grand finals of China Supermajor.

The grand finals were dragged to full five games with neither of the teams giving up on each other. It was eventually Team Liquid that took the advantage of their upper bracket position and won the event.

Team Liquid
Credits: PGL

Game one

The first match of the series opened up with team fights on all three lanes. Every now and then, there was a blood bath. About 30 minutes into the game, Team Liquid gained the control and pushed the lanes with the help of Visage, Beastmaster, and Templar Assassin. VIrtus.Pro had no option besides calling GG and giving the game one to the blues.

Game two

The CIS powerhouse started the game two with an incredible lane dominance. Not only Virtus.Pro was able to outplay Team Liquid, they also gained a huge gold lead advantage which after that, it was impossible for Team Liquid to come back into the game.

Game three

In the third game of the series, Team Liquid went for Drow strat with Mirana and Windranger. The best way to deal with Drow strat was to dominate the laning phase in the early game. However, Virtus.Pro wasn’t able to control the map and eventually lost to the side of Team Liquid.

Game four

Virtus.Pro went all guns blazing and outdrafted the Ti7 champions in the fourth game of the series. They picked Chen for RodjER and Slark for RAMZES666. The game was pretty much over for Team Liquid with the presence of Noone’s Death Prophet.

It all came to the last game of the series eventually making it the best-of-one matchup.

Game five

Team Liquid once again went for their first game draft with the same pickups. This time, GH was controlling Naga Siren through which he helped to secure the lanes. Miracle- was quite dominant from the start on Noone’s Kunkka in the mid-lane. It was the time when Team Liquid gatherered around and started to take objectives. With the first Roshan going in the way of Team Liquid, they started to play aggressively. They took towers and then again waited for the second Aegis along with the Cheese. Virtus.Pro’s kingdom was slowly falling apart. It was at 34-minute mark that they decided to go all in and thus, Virtus.Pro had no choice but to call GG.

Team Liquid takes $550,000 prize money home along with second place at DPC Circuit. The Ti7 champions are ready to defend their title in August at the biggest stage of Dota 2, The International 2018.