The Most Expensive Items in Old School Runescape

If you’ve ever wondered what the most expensive thing in OSRS is, look no further. Today, we’ll list the most expensive OSRS items and their corresponding price in gold. These items make every bit of gold you spend on them well worth it considering the usefulness and value they offer.

Take note that the items are listed in increasing prices.

First Up, the Elysian Spirit Shield

At an average of 507.9m in OSRS gold, the Elysian Spirit Shield starts this list. The shield is an enhanced version of the Blessed Spirit Shield, which is an enhanced version of the plain Spirit Shield. It has better melee and ranged defense bonuses than other shields. Also, it has the most beneficial passive effect a shield can have, which gives a 70% chance to reduce damage received by 25%.

That means, on average (counting damage reduction and probability), a player with 99 HP will need to take 120 points of damage to die. How’s that for a 500m shield? The price suddenly seems worth it, doesn’t it?

Second, the Elysian Sigil

Combine the Elysian Sigil with a Blessed Spirit Shield to get an Elysian Spirit Shield. The process requires 90 Prayer and 85 Smithing, though players can ask Abbot Langley to do it for them. However, that second option costs a whopping 1.5m gold. Even if it’s an ingredient of the above shield, it costs more because of its rarity. They’re dropped by only one boss, and there’s a 1 in 7 chance to get it. It costs 625.2m on average in the exchange.

Third, the 3rd Age Pickaxe

Fittingly at third, the 3rd Age Pickaxe has the same stats and effects as a Dragon Pickaxe, though with a higher Attack requirement at 65. It owes much of its value to its rarity as well. There’s only one way of getting one of these sweet pickaxes, which is to get it as a reward from master treasure trails. No NPC sells it, nor can you make one through skills. Its average price at the exchange is 743.6m.

Fourth, the 3rd Age Longsword

This 3rd Age Longsword is the fourth highest, with an average price of 819.9m. Like its pickaxe cousin, you can neither buy nor make it. It’s a reward from elite or master treasure trails. Also, it shares the 65 Attack requirement. The longsword is also the strongest of its kind, beating out the Dragon Longsword. Because of that fact, the price tag suddenly doesn’t seem so outrageous.

Fifth, the Twisted Bow

A reward from the Chambers of Xeric, this bow is unique in that its strength relies on the player’s magic. Specifically, the higher the magic, the more powerful and accurate it becomes. It requires 75 Ranged, and it can fire any kind of arrow, including Dragon ones. With that kind of power and max range (10 tiles) as a characteristic, it’s no wonder that this bow costs an average of 1.1 billion.

And for the Most Expensive Item, the Scythe of Vitur (Uncharged)

It’s a two-handed slash weapon that requires 75 Attack and Strength to use. The Theatre of Blood rewards it to lucky players, though not very often. It can hit three enemies with one swipe, or one large enemy three times. Expect that you’re going to spend more than its 1.5b price tag to use this scythe. Charging it up requires a Vial of Blood and 300 Blood Runes for 100 charges. Its maximum charge capacity is 20,000, and will not be returned should you decide to uncharge it. So, commit to using it if you’re going to charge it up to capacity. Good thing it gets stronger when charged.

Google Snippet or Meta Description: A list of the top six items that cost the most OSRS gold. They are the Elysian Spirit Shield, Elysian Sigil, 3rd Age Pickaxe, 3rd Age Longsword, Twisted Bow, and the Scythe of Vitur. Their average prices and characteristics are also listed.