Artifact has lots of cards for you to tinker around with, thus creating multiple possibilities and combinations when it comes to deck construction. If you’re still fresh off the boat and don’t know too much about building Artifact Decks to begin with, then we’ve got some basic decks for you to try out! Though they’re simple by nature and aren’t necessarily comprised of cards with lofty Artifact card prices, they are not to be underestimated because they pack quite a punch!

BB Control Deck

If you want to control the field and put constant harassing pressure on your enemies at the same time, then a black and blue hybrid deck is for you. With this type of deck, you’ll first start out with tons of inexpensive improvements and creeps that will slowly drain the health of your opponent’s towers and wipe out their creeps and heroes via slow, painful deaths.

Black heroes like Venomancer will keep your opponent occupied with tons of creeps in your lane, while having Zeuslay all the damage to his neighbors. Necrophos is also a good option as he will grow more and more hit points as you wipe away your opponent’s lane of creeps. With his ability, Sadist, it’ll modify Necrophos with +1 Health after an enemy neighbor dies. So just imagine how much health he’ll gain afterwards!

If you want to make a huge offensive play in hopes of ending the game swiftly, Disciple of Nevermore is the spell that you’d want to use. Say your opponent gets a powerful creep on the board? Then the solution to that is Slay to condemn the creep. Dimensional Portal is also a good spell card, even if it costs 4 Mana, as it deploys 3 creeps into your lane and if a bunch of weak units is threatening to take your tower health.

BA Control Deck

The style that this deck has can be summed up in one word: damage. You guessed it; this red and blue hybrid deck is all about dealing damage from the game’s onset all the way up to the end. Blue and red make for natural control allies as blue has the best board control spells in the board while red provides the tanky and robust heroes that can annihilate lanes. Put together, they become a force to be reckoned with.

With red heroes like Keefe the Bold and Bristleback, they’re sure to put pressure on your opponent and make sure their creeps remain under control. Luna is a blue hero that’s quite a welcome addition to this type of deck as she builds up charges for her massively powerful spell, Eclipse, later in the game while the red heroes protect her.

Cheap damage spells, like Strafing Run and Tower Barrage, are mostly what you will need in this deck to help keep your opponent from mustering up any semblance of offense. During mid to late game action when your mana has been built up, you can finally start dropping the powerful signature cards that come with your blue heroes. Eclipse, Thundergod’s Wrath, and Mystic Flare deal utterly ludicrous amounts of damage that can ruin your opponent’s chances of winning in any given lane. If your opponent’s too stubborn to give up and their tower’s still standing, then use Time of Triumph, where your heroes will be given permanent buffs that’ll turn them into unstoppable forces.

RG Midrange Deck

Ever since the closed invite beta, the red and green hybrid deck has been on top of the metagame due to it being stat-efficient and heavily-reliant on high-value cards. If you want to be a power player, then this is definitely the deck for you. The late game comes in the form of two of the red’s strongest finishers—Time of Triumph and Spring the Tap.

When it comes to who should you deploy, the best heroes to use here are Axe, Treant Protector, and Legion Commander. All of these heroes are hard to kill and will ensure that you won’t straight up lose a lane. The goal of this deck is to gradually overpower the opponent and gain control over the board through dominant combat phases. Use Mist of Avernus and Unearthed Secrets to early game improvements. Mist of Avernus gradually gets stronger while Unearthed Secrets gets you cards whenever there was damage dealt to your tower.

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