Top 3 Fortnite Players Of All Time

Fortnite, a game which was launched less than a year ago has taken the eSports industry by storm. It involves fast paced action game which is essentially titled as “Battle Royale”.
Fortnite is going big on numbers as last week, Epic Games, the developer of the game announced that they will spend $100 million on the prize pool for Fortnite next year. More details on the prize pool will be announced by the developer next month.

Credits: Epic Games

With such a growing prize pool and popularity, more and more players are joining the circle. Based on overall skills and stats, we have compiled a list of top three players of all time in Fortnite.


Sven “Svennoss” is the greatest player of all time in Fortnite. He is a former GTA and CoD player who moved to Fortnite last year. Currently, he has a total of 2,883 wins including Solo, Duo, and Squad along with an impressive K/D of 11.66.

In season 4, he only focused on the solo games and was ranked #31 in the world with 208 wins out of 307 matches played. He also had 1,993 kills under his banner.


Richard “Tyler” Blevins, also known as “Ninja” in Fortnite is the famous player among the community. He is number second on the list with his impressive 58,739 kills of all time. Along with the highest number of kills, he has managed to secure 2,834 overall wins in his bag.

In season 4, Ninja focused more on squad games and managed to get 132 wins out of 310 matches played with his team members. He secured almost 2,275 kills in squad games.


Johan “Ettnix” Bengtsson, also known as Fnatic_Ettnix is a Swedish player currently playing for team Fnatic. He is number 3 on the list because of his impressive performance in all seasons of Fortnite. He bagged 47,410 kills to his name along with 2,693 wins. His ultimate K/D of 12.96 is what makes him a beast in the game.

In season 4, Ettnix mostly played solo games in which he secured 2,826 kills in 399 matches played which makes around 7.08 kills per game on average.